Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!

Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!
Ready for Battle!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Progress Report

I like to call it that, because Tyler continues to make progress, in terms of healing from the stomach surgery! We're so happy to report that his numbers are all going in the right direction. His kidneys are fully functioning again and the swelling is still coming down. The surgeon came in today and said that he is still critical, but moving in the right direction. The plan is still to keep him at this hospital.

In terms of the cancer, the oncologist (cancer doctor) will make the decision on when he can start chemo again. Once he is healthy enough, they can do the chemo even if they haven't closed the stomach. We were relieved to hear that. I'm also happy to hear them mentioning the oncologist again because a few weeks ago they had said that the cancer isn't the concern right now...we have to get him through this stomach recovery. That tells me there is progress, although maybe it's not as quickly as we'd like. 

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We praise God, our Comforter and Healer, that He is answering. We continue to pray that Tyler will be fully restored to good health. Please also pray that Tyler will be able to get comfortable and that the doctors will be able to manage his pain. It's so difficult to watch him in pain and not be able to help! We're also so thankful for this team of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff for saving his life. We pray for continued wisdom for them as they treat our boy!

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