Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!

Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!
Ready for Battle!

Monday, May 20, 2013

One tough momma!

Tyler is dealing with a lot of nausea for the last week or so. He's not able to hold anything down, not even the drinks he finally earned back. He's very tired and is mostly sleeping again. Today he is in A LOT of pain (rating it 9 out of 10). He's also very weak right now. He's shaking a lot when he tries to reach for something, or get up. Please pray for strength, peace, relief from the pain and that they can get his nausea to subside.

Last night, he tried to get up, with the usual assistance of his mom. He was very shaky and his knees buckled and he fell. Thankfully, Michelle was right there and broke his fall. She wasn't able to hold him up, but could get him more safely to the ground. He said he was fine and didn't feel like anything was hurt. It was really scary for Michelle though. Her emotional strength, as well as physical strength is astounding. My heart breaks when I hear these updates, but she just keeps trucking along. She is his strength right now and she's doing a phenomenal job. He's blessed to have her for his momma.

He knows it too...do you want to see what he got her for Mother's day? To put it in perspective, last year, I remember he showed up to our family BBQ and I asked him what he got her and he said "nothing!" (in his 17 yr old way). Later that day, he reluctantly picked her up some flowers. :)

This year, in April, he started asking some of us aunts when Mother's day was and if we had some ideas for her. My neighbor had told me about this site (Heart on your Wrist - click to check it out) where they stamp your handwriting onto jewelry. So, I told Tyler about it and asked if he wanted to do that, and us aunts would pitch in and buy it for her, from him. He said yes and asked for a piece of paper. He spent about 15 minutes thinking it over. He asked how long it should be...I told him he could write a book if he wanted and we would just make one giant necklace. After a few more minutes, he handed me this piece of paper, which we put on the necklace below. And although the writing was shakier than what it would normally have been...his words cut to the heart and (of course) brought me to tears. I just love this kid's heart. A strong and quiet exterior, but a soft heart.

I love you forever and ever

And finally, I just want to make a shout out to Cheri, Michelle's sister, who colored, cut and highlighted Michelle's hair this weekend. For having never done that before, using a pair of craft scissors and box color and being in a hospital room...it didn't turn out too shabby. She looks refreshed :) Nice work, Cher!