Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!

Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!
Ready for Battle!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Infections Setting In

The drains are doing their job. Tyler's color has turned back to somewhat normal after being so yellow last week, from the jaundice. Praise God! One of the common side effects with the surgical drainage tubes is infection. Tyler now has a fungal and bacterial infection. He is on some very strong, and often restricted, antibiotics to fight off these infections. The side effects of the medicine are flu like symptoms. So far he has not had those symptoms, but he is very tired. He is sleeping most of the day and night again.

Despite feeling this way, he did manage to make it down to Physical Therapy a couple of afternoons last week. This kid is a strong quiet warrior. I'm amazed at his ability to battle on through all of this. He has been suffering greatly, but continues to stay (silently) motivated to keep fighting and focused on getting out of this hospital!

Tyler won't be able to have surgery until infections are cleared up, organs are functioning well and numbers are staying in good places. Please make this your prayer over the next week. Please pray that Tyler will get healthy enough to be considered for the risky surgery of removing some of this tumor.

Also, my fellow prayer warriors, when this surgery is a possibility, it will be a major one. We should have about a 3 day warning before they take him in for the surgery. I'm asking those of you who believe in prayer and fasting to prepare your hearts and minds for that couple of days. I would like to ask you all to join me in fasting for Tyler in preparation for this major surgery. I will put that call out as soon as we have a scheduled date in place. It will hopefully be the end of Feb/early March.