Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!

Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!
Ready for Battle!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small Victories

Tyler continues to make progress on healing from the infection that came after his stomach perforated. On Friday, he played his DS for most of the day. It was so amazing to see. He's slowly gaining back the simple things that we take for granted every day. With this, does come frustration for Tyler. He's annoyed that he has no privacy and that he has to be taken care of. He's frustrated that he's still laying in this hospital bed. All he wants right now is to get out of there..oh...and to drink a Sonic Slushy.

Our tears of joy at his progress often turn into tears of sympathy as we watch him struggle with the reality of what is going on. He is no longer sedated, but still on heavy pain medications. So, he is often asking what is happening and why he is there. Michelle is super amazing at answering those questions for him. Last week, he asked if he had been shot as he pointed at his stomach in confusion. It's a tough time for him to process all of what is going on. He also gets annoyed that everyone keeps telling him how good he looks. So, I explained to him that a few weeks ago we didn't know if he was going to make it and seeing him this way is so exciting to us and to his doctors and nurses. He asked me if I had taken a picture of him so he could see what everyone was talking about. I told him that I hadn't but that the blog would be a really good picture of what he was going through. When Michelle thinks he's ready to handle it, she told him they would read the blog together.

I encourage you to post comments. I don't think they always function properly on here. They will not show up right after you submit, but they will tell you if it was submitted. So, if you're having trouble and want to send Tyler some words of encouragement that he can read later, you can send him an email at tylerkurkierewicz@gmail.com.

Below is a comment from Tyler's Aunt Tammy that she wasn't able to publish, but I don't like to be the only one talking around here anyway...so here's a comment from Tammy that was supposed to post to the last post:

Thank you for that verse! I am hanging onto being joyful in hope! I just so happen to be reading the blog as I was sitting in Tyler's room today. Not long after reading this, he woke up. He began asking Michelle (his mom) about the trach. He was concerned that it would hurt to talk through it. Michelle, the most amazing and strongest mom in the world, gave the most wonderful explanation! Through her explanation, she plugged the trach and instructed him to talk. How wonderful it was to hear him speak! For those of us who have experienced his frustration with wanting to communicate, can truly understand this joy! I had to hold back tears while hearing his voice! Wow, what we take for granted!!!! On Monday they will put a valve in so he can speak. Please continue to follow the blog for more details on his trach.
Although this is a long and painful process for Tyler and for those who love him so much,we thank you, Lord, for giving us this hope! We continue to have hope, faith, love and trust! We are truly a blessed family!
We are so grateful for all your prayers!

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  1. Tyler and Michelle you are both in our prayers.Tyler please continue to fight. You are a very special guy to your family and friends. I knew your mom in Jr high and high school. She is a dear friend to me.