Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!

Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!
Ready for Battle!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeping Tyler's Spirits Up

Tyler has had so much love and support from this community of readers and we're so grateful to you all. Recently, one middle school boy asked if he could honor Tyler by shaving his head for him through St. Baldrick's. Due to timing, we weren't able to make the connection happen before the event, but Tyler is now registered as an honoree here: http://www.stbaldricks.org/kids/mypage/5192.

So, if you want to participate in one of their events, and want to choose Tyler as your person to honor, just let me know (email jetfields@yahoo.com) and we can add him to your event easily now.

Also, Tyler was able to have his dog, buggy, come up for her first visit this week. She was really nervous and it seemed she could sense that Tyler was very sick, which made Tyler a little sad. I think with a few more visits, though, they'll both settle in and get cozy with each other again.

Finally, Tyler's aunt Nicole has a new idea to brighten his spirits. She created a flat Tyler that we can all participate in.

Here are the directions: click on the picture below and it should open in a new window. Then print it and cut out the "flat Tyler". Dress him up by adding things like shoes, hats, shirts, pants, swimming trunks, etc. Be creative!

Then, go on an adventure and take a picture of yourself with flat Tyler. Send your picture and story to nkurkierewicz@aol.com by April 30th, and include where you took him and what you were doing. She'll compile all of them and send them to Tyler. Include a note or word of encouragement for him on there when you email it and she'll be sure to pass that along too.

Most importantly....have fun with it! Let's see if we can keep Tyler smiling!!


  1. Nicole is an amazing giving woman. She loves Tyler and the rest of us with unconditional love. She has been sharing Tyler's journey with me since the beginning. This project has taken off like a rocket with all her hard work. Tyler you are going to be amazed by all the great adventures. I've gotten some sneak previews and I am in awe of all the love people have for you.
    People are asking what your fave Bands are...what kind of music you are into. I would love to be able to pass along your response. Please have someone text or email Aunt Nicole and she will get it to me. Love, Peace, Happiness...always Dawn <3

    1. Let's see - Tyler likes Sonic slushies, ice cream, watching Football (favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons), college Basketball (rooting for MSU tonight), playing videos games and listening to rap music. He has been to Washington DC, Hawaii and Florida for vacations in the past. He loves his dog and his 2 cats. I hope that helps!