Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!

Tyler - 17 year old fighting cancer!
Ready for Battle!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tyler's Story

As most of you probably found through Facebook, another blogger, Roni, picked up Tyler's story and has written a couple of really nice posts about Tyler. We're blessed that she has chosen to get involved in Tyler's story and has never even met us. She is dedicating the month of April to Flat Tyler as her Light project. If you're logging in from a computer (and not your phone), you'll see a link to her blog on the right. Here is her latest post, a Letter to Michelle.

We're also seeing a huge response from the flat Tyler. I know a lot of you have been following his story and it's a fun way to get involved. I've seen a few of the pictures, so I thought I would include them here...and my kids are having a blast with it too, so I'll include theirs here.

On a road trip for Spring Break - overnight stay in Nashville

Go Wings!

Rooting on his Spartans in Indy last night

A morning ride with his Aunt Patty
Getting buried on the beach in Florida

Playing in the neighborhood with his cousin Alenna
Dying Easter Eggs with Alenna and Blake
Sneaking some popcorn and M&Ms

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  1. Sooo beautiful to see all of these wonderful rays of light, Jettie. I hope you gave Tyler that hug for me.:) Still praying for all of you and think of you constantly..